Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint

Published: 2013-12-01 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Benefit Cosmetis has launched a new product named LolliTint. Benefit LolliTint is a lip and cheek stain in a lovely candy-orchid shade.

Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint is designed to give a pop of flirty flush to all skin types and all complexions! The beautifying effect of this product is described as a dreamy sweetness, and the flirtiest flush of color! Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint stain is based on a long wearing formula, which is very easy to apply. All that it takes is just three strokes of a blush and some soft blending using your fingertips. You can also dab it on the lips and blend for some really tasty and delicious color. The beautiful shade of pink looks dewy and natural on the skin, while all you have to do for a darker color payoff is just to add a few more drops of the liquid-gel buildable formula.

Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint

Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint is delivered in a 12,5ml tube with a brush applicator. The lovely pink-colored packaging is decorated with candy-like swirly motif. Benefit LolliTint is currently available at, and priced at $30.00. The product is launching internationally in February 2014, and its price for the UK market will be £24.50

Benefit Cosmetics LolliTint


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