Benefit Majorette Blush

Published: 2014-07-10 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Benefit Cosmetics is launching a new product in September, an extremely pretty Majorette Blush, which markets with a catchy slogan “A Booster Blush to Amplify Your Flush”.

Benefit Majorette Blush features a unique cream-to-powder formula scented with pom-pom peach and pomegranate notes. The gorgeous peachy-red shade is versatile enough to allow for two different types of application – you can simply apply it to your bare skin, to enhance your natural flush, or below any of your favorite foundations or powders. This way, it doubles as a color-boosting primer that prolongs the wear of your makeup and protects the skin.

The blush is delivered in a small, retro-styled case adorned with a marching-band motif. The blush itself features a stylized sunray embossing, while its citrusy-fruity scent evokes the feelings of freshness and sparkle. Its warm, peachy-pink shade is universally flattering, it provides sheer and discrete coverage, which only amplifies your natural beauty. 

Benefit Majorette Blush Benefit Majorette Blush is launching in September at Sephora and The blush should be priced at $36.

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benefit Majorette Blush

benefit Majorette Blush



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