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Published: 2016-05-29 by Barbara Valentina in Reviews

Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist that developed a makeup and skincare brand. It has a well deserved reputation for makeup products. Bobbi started in 1980 because she thought that makeup should look natural and all women are naturally beautiful. Makeup only enhances that beauty whereas it was the eighties, with the pink blush, blue shadow and red lips. In 1991 Bobbi launched a ten lipstick collection that sold 100 lipsticks on the first day of business. In 1995 she sold the beauty line to Estée Lauder maintaining the creative control. The main focus is on neutral colors to enhance natural beauty although it has shimmering shadows, red lipstick and blushes (like her awarded Shimmer Brick Compact). She has a reputation mainly for her foundations, correctors and concealers.


I have been using the Corrector for about a month. I have fragile dry skin specially around the eyes area with some fine lines as it is typical to dry skin. On top of that I have in a terrible discoloration under my eyes that goes from blue to purple tones and last but not least, I suffer from puffiness.

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are a genetic condition in most cases. It can also be a health problem, especially if you are anemic and that is my case. So, there isn't much we can do about it. As Caroline Hirons says it is better to keep the area well moisturized, because you cannot treat it with whatever expensive serums and creams you use.

bobbi brown concealer product review

If you go to a Bobbi Brown counter or if you see the tutorials on her Blog, you will be taught on to use the corrector, followed by the creamy concealer and on top the sheer pressed powder to keep all in place, as Bobbi says in a tutorial "these steps are the secret to the Universe". To me, it seems a bit too much for such a fragile area to use so many products, especially if you have some fine lines. Maybe if you are going to a photo shoot or a party, where makeup can always be a bit exaggerated, but for daily use I think it is too much. I use it under just a tiny bit of liquid concealer (I wear Shiseido Natural Finish Concealer) to unify the color tone of the skin. Then when I put powder to the face I gently swipe the powder brush over the eyes with what powder is left on the brush.


Bobbi Brown Corrector is a creamy corrector that has an emollient formula although being a bit thick. It has Retinyl Palmitate, which is a form of Vitamin A (Retinol), a good antioxidant, and it has a lot of emollients like Propylene Glycol Laurate and skin conditioners like Petrolatum (Vaseline) which is also skin protective.

I use it in Light Peach Bisque which is a peachy but relatively neutral shade. You can choose from 21 shades, that are more or less peachy or more or less pink, regarding your skin tone and the color of your dark circles. It is supposed to neutralize the under-eyes darkness and it does until some point. They claim it is long wearing and waterproof and that it won't crease. I find it long wearing but I think it has a tendency to crease. It has to be very well blended and during the day, every time I pass in front of a mirror I blend it a lit bit more with my finger. You should apply it with a brush because of the heavy texture. I apply with a concealer brush or even with a little eye blender and then blend it with my finger. You should apply in the under-eyes area close to the lash line as well as in the innermost corner of the eye that it is always a very dark area. A little bit goes a long way and as it creases a bit, you should start to apply tiny amounts until you understand how it works for you. It is very emollient so it is good for dry skin because it nourishes the area but I don't know if it is so good for oily skin, although the under-eyes area isn't usually very oily. You have to layer concealer of the same color as your skin over the corrector to blend the color or you will have peachy eyes that will get the same attention as the dark circles that you are trying to hide.

without a concealer


bobbi right eye

bobbi brown concealer applied to my right eye

Bobbi Brown Corrector has a good emollient and long lasting formula that nourishes the skin as well as  light the dark circles. It is a bit thick with some tendency to crease, but if you blend it well (or if you don't have fine lines in the under eye area) I think you can solve that. It has a good coverage but you should apply little amounts and layer it until you get the coverage needed. If you suffer with deep dark circles this corrector will help, but if you don't, maybe you should stick with using only a concealer.

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