Declaré Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum

Published: 2017-09-12 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care

Declare Switzerland, one of the world’s leaders in the production of skin care products developed for sensitive skin, has just introduced a new anti-irritation serum to its Stress Balance collection. The successful range of dermatologically tested products developed for stressed and irritated skin welcomes yet another soothing and calming treatment that provides immediate relief and relaxation.


Declare Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum is a lightweight treatment suitable for all skin types, an instantly working SOS remedy designed for sensitive, reactive skin.  

The whole Stress Balance collection utilizes the exclusive SRC-Complex ™ (Sensitivity Reducing Complex), which ensures triple action as it reduces sensitivity, increases epidermal resistance, provides relief from irritations, as well as powerful cellular protection that diminishes signs of damage and aging.


The unique combination of valuable ingredients, including Biophytex, Ectoin, Structurine, and Hyaluronic Acid, makes it efficient against all signs of stress, fatigue, and rashes. The skin is soothed, inflammation reduced, and complexion looks smooth, fresh, and relaxed.

The inclusion of carefully curated plant extracts fortifies skin’s own protective function, its barrier, and helps the skin to combat daily stress. The product is suitable for daily use, or as a freshness-boosting spa treatment.

Declare Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum comes in a teardrop shaped 50 ml bottle, and it retails for € 49,99.

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Declaré Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum

Declaré Stress Balance Anti-Irritation Serum



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