Dior Double Rouge

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Dior Double Rouge is the new take on the iconic Rouge Dior lipstick, closely following the launch of Dior Rouge Liquid. The new products combines two make-up trends and offers two colors with two different finishes all in one. The main part of the lipstick is matte, which serves as a lip contorting tool,  while the core brings a mettalic shade for volume and shine.


Dior Rouge Dior Double Rouge is said to produce an ombré effect with a highly pigmented matte contour and  metal core in a single application. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup explained: "The difficulty was finding the right combination of darker, matte outline and a lighter, pearly metal core that would highlight the curve of the lips and thus give the appearance of volume. It is an on-the-go product that is easy to wear and yet capable of recreating a professional makeup result."


Model wears 288 Miss Crush shade

Peter Philips developed 4 color families for Double Rouge:

  • "fun and sophisticated" Reds
  • "exhilarating" Corals
  • "electric" Purples and Pinks
  • Nudes


Model wears 510 Jungle Beige shade

The shades are:

  • 239 Vibrant Nude
  • 288 Miss Crush
  • 429 Coup de Chic
  • 480 Mysterious Calypso
  • 510 Jungle Beige
  • 590 Dressed to Kill
  • 534 Tempting Tangerine
  • 582 Spicy Sweet
  • 992 Poison Purple
  • 999 Matte Metal

Just like Dior Rouge Liquid, the new lipstick also presents 4 star shades that set the tone for the collection:



  • 99 Matte Metal -  red with a golden heart that subtly plays with the scarlet matte contour;
  • 510 Jungle Beige -  nude lips to take on the "urban jungle;"
  • 992 Poison Purple - a deep purple with a metallic heart of gold and purply shimmer;
  • 288 Miss Crush - a pink shade with a pearly heart.

The price of each lipstick is $35.00.

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