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Dior Prestige La Crème Texture Riche

Published: 2016-10-30 by Sanja Pekic in Skin Care

In January 2017, Dior launches two new products from its Dior Prestige anti-aging skin-care line. The new Dior Prestige La Crème now comes in Texture Riche, together with the new format of L’Huile Souveraine, dedicated for dry to very dry skin.


For the first time, Prestige La Crème comes in a rich texture, ideal for dealing with cold weather. It is said to deliver its power of regeneration in all layers of the skin; 4 million new cells are revealed each day, thanks to the power of Granville rose.


After 15 years of research, Dior’s scientific team decrypts the secrets of the immense power of the Rose de Granville. A unique combination of 8 molecules are now concentrated in La Crème Texture Riche to offer:

  • 1. Regeneration - repairing the visible signs of aging (wrinkles, firmness, radiance) as well as the invisible (micro-inflammations);
  • 2. Perfection: rebuilding the internal architecture of the skin to the glance (consistency, refined grain) and the touch (smoothness and softness).


At its heart, the new technology Skin Overcoat can isolate the skin from cold. This cream is ideal during the cold and dry climates. It offers 24 hours of comfort in a replenishing and nourishing balm.



• Skin is plumped: 98%
• Skin is softer: 100%
• Skin is firmer: 92%


• Skin texture is more refined: 100%
• Skin is more radiant: 100%
• Skin is more beautiful: 98%

L’Huile Souveraine, the highly nourishing oil-serum dedicated to dry to very dry skin, is now available in a 30 ml size. Composed of 100% natural oils, it triples the levels of lipids in the skin in a week, while Rose de Granville offers regeneration and perfection.

• Mix 1-2 drops of the L’Huile Souveraine with the cream to bring more comfort to the skin
L’Huile Souveraine itself can be used as a treatment for dry skin.


The "Prestige" program is suitable for different skin types:

Dry skin

L’Huile Souveraine

La Crème Texture Essentielle

Le Concentré Yeux

Very dry skin

L’Huile Souveraine

La Crème Texture Riche

Le Concentré Yeux

Classic beauty ritual

Apply the oil before the cream, instead of Le Nectar

Sophisticated beauty ritual

Apply L’Huile Souveraine before Le Nectar and Crème

La Crème Texture Riche - 50ml
L’Huile Souveraine - 30ml


Dior Dior Prestige La Creme Texture RicheDior Dior Prestige La Creme Texture Riche
Dior Dior Prestige L’Huile SouveraineDior Dior Prestige L’Huile Souveraine
Dior Dior Prestige La Creme Texture EssentielleDior Dior Prestige La Creme Texture Essentielle
Dior Dior Prestige Le Concentre Yeux Eye CreamDior Dior Prestige Le Concentre Yeux Eye Cream
Dior Dior Prestige Le NectarDior Dior Prestige Le Nectar

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