Dior Prestige La Cure – a new dimension of luxury

Published: 2016-10-10 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care


Dior has given a new meaning to prestige this fall. The famous upscale brand has just introduced a highly concentrated regenerative treatment that, most probably, costs more than your monthly rent.


Dior Prestige La Cure, which retails at a vertiginous price of $1,550 USD, is one of the most expensive products the brand has ever put on the market. The treatment, consisting of three vials, each filled with a different juice, is designed to be used over the course of three weeks. During the first week, the serum “resets” the complexion. Week two renews, week three perfects, and week four not a single drop is left in the bottle, and you are back to square one holding your wallet…


But, what accounts for such a high price? According to Dior, the new Prestige La Cure serum is formulated with 100% natural Rose de Granville oil, made from handpicked, full bloom rosebuds. The roses that bloom in Dior’s Loire Valley garden in France are picked within an hour of their full bloom, which is when their molecular potency is three times stronger. The roses are cold-pressed, which results in the ultimate and pure concentrate of fresh petals, an opulent source of eight different rejuvenating molecules. Since there’s no more than 800 rose bushes in Dior Garden, Dior is only able to produce a limited amount of the product at a time. This three-week regimen, therefore, has to be pricey, and is also available in a strictly limited edition.


As Dior describes it, this “miraculous skin care with unmatched powers” comes with a promise of visibly renewed, soothed, more beautiful and youthful skin. The treatment targets over-stressed, fatigued, inflamed skin to allow the inflammatory reaction to recover its reconstructive role. During the first week, in which the skin is reset, the treatment cancels out all main signs of fatigue. During the second, renewal week, the serum penetrates deep into the skin to restore its firmness and resiliency. Finally, the transformative process occurs during the third and the last week of the treatment, revealing more refined, smoother, and softer skin. As Dior recommends, on the first morning of each week, a gel-mask should be worn after the La Cure ritual to boost the treatment's effectiveness.


Dior Prestige la Cure treatment is delivered in a gold-colored corffet that opens to reveal three 0.5oz glass amphorae. The treatment retails at $1,550, and is available for purchase at neimanmarcus.com.Dior-Prestige-La-Cure-Corffet-opened

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