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When summer comes, I love it. But there are two things that come with summer, regarding my skin. Dark spots and shine. I spend all summer hiding behind powerful sunscreen but the dark spots will always come, regardless of the huge amount of money I spend in anti-spot treatments. The latest big failure was Skinceutical's Phloretin gel that costs 150 euros and is supposed to prevent skin from developing dark spots. A waste of money, I tell you. But let's move on because I have one good suggestion for you, especially for the men who are reading this and are in need of controlling their shiny, uneven skin.

My daily skin ritual is composed by a list of products, each one has its function. And after the Skinceuticals B5 moisturizing gel I am addicted to, I apply my sunscreen. After the sunscreen I spread a BB or CC cream to conceal my dark spots and uneven skin tone. After all of these, my skin becomes not really oily, but shiny. And this doesn't seem to fade, since I sweat a bit. So, I have to matify it. I used to use a compact powder with colour, and it helped to conceal even more the spots, but I started realizing that it was too much and I don't want people to see my makeup instead of my face. So I decided I should try a translucent powder that would solve the shine without adding colour.


I was told that Essence was a good and very affordable brand and so I bought the All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder. The package didn't promise much, but don't be fooled by the poor look of it. It's a great product!


First of all, I have to say that those of you who have dry skin should maybe select other product. This has talc and it may cause extra dryness to your skin. But since my skin is normal to combination, this works for me. The Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder is perfect because it is transparent. It may seem white when you look at it it, but as soon as it it touches your face, it becomes translucent and gives you instant brightness. The skin becomes more illuminated and you cannot tell that you are wearing a powder. You can even overdose it if you have fair skin like me. Besides that, it instantly matifies your face. So you get extra light and no shine and that's what you want from a compact powder. Men, you can use this easily, it will not look as if you are wearing makeup and it solves the problems of shine, especially if you have oily skin. Don't be shy and try this. Girls you can even wear this over your makeup since it will not cover the colours and it blends all the products you have applied.


All in all, this products does exactly what it says on the tin:
“Extremely smooth fixing compact powder for a matt and natural finish all day long. Helps to blend blush and foundation colors together. Fixes make-up when applied as finishing powder. For all skin tones.”

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I bought it after reading your review and it really is good! This is one of those drugstore products that can save you a lot of money and still get you the same results as its high-end competitors!

10 months ago / 

Just to let you know that I have dry and sensitive skin and I tried this compact powder (as you know) just one time and I didn't feel that it dried my skin. I felt comfortable using it.

11 months ago /