Estée Lauder Smoky Nights and Sultry Nudes

Published: 2016-09-13 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Estee Lauder has just introduced two new limited edition eyeshadow palettes: Smoky Nights and Sultry Nudes. Each of them features 14 carefully curated eyeshadows in different finishes, allowing you to create a multitude of stunning looks!

The eyeshadows are based on a silky powder formula that allows smooth and flawless blending and application. Each of the compacts is delivered with a special, limited edition double-ended brush, and step-by-step instructions on how to create gorgeous, eye-catching looks. The wide rainbow of shades and textures allows you to highlight, define, and dramatize your eyes. Use them to create just about anything, from flattering natural look, to sophisticated, and even bold and dramatic.


Estee Lauder Sultry Nudes Eyeshadow Palette features warm, neutral hues, from soft roses to shimmering bronzes, smoky greys to smoldering taupes.


Estee Lauder Smoky Nights Eyeshadow Palette combines lively jewel tones and deep bold metallic. As its name suggests, the palette is ideal for night looks.

Estee Lauder Smoky Nights and Sultry Nudes Palettes are priced at £44.00. Launching soon at

Estée Lauder Smoky Nights Eyeshadow PaletteEstée Lauder Smoky Nights Eyeshadow Palette
Estée Lauder Sultry Nudes Eyeshadow PaletteEstée Lauder Sultry Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

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