Giardino Benessere Tuberose Overdose! Body Scrub and Lotion

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The Italian brand Giardino Benessere is a holistic line comprising fragrances, home fragrances, scented candles and body care products. Among the vas assortment of scented items, one of my favorites is tuberose. Now one thing is to spray a tuberose perfume on your skin. Another experience is the one given by enveloping your whole body in salts and nurturing creams with thos flower as embelishment. That's the experience I will tell you about after trying Giardino Benessere's Tuberose Body Scrub and Body Lotion.


Giardino Benessere's Tuberose is an airy, fresh, transparent tuberose that is just perfect for spring and summer. Not the operatic tuberose we usually smell. Paolo Terenzi undressed the flower from its diva frock and gave it a sheer veil in order to make it shine in purity. This scent starts with an invigorating burst of citruses like orange and grapefruit with its aldehydic qualities. It simply fizzes and bubbles with energy and sparkle. It's even a bit bitter like the traditional accords of a conventional eau de cologne. Then the main actress enters the stage but she comes and acts with restraint. She is fresh and green. Charismatic but quiet. Tuberose in this fragrance comes with all its leaves. It's a full plant. Paolo Terenzi made a maceration of flowers and leaves to give us a crunchy green aspect of the flower. It's juicy, textured, vibrant, and it connects beautifully to the jasmine accords with touches of ylang ylang. The sensation is watery, aquatic, green, mossy and floral. This Tuberose has a 70's freshness, a timeless character and something that exsudes positive energy.


Imagine this scented bliss into a jar of integral salt from Cervia and karité butter. Too good to be true? These are remineralizing active ingredients full of nutrients to leave the skin soft and smooth. Personally, my favorite body scrubs are salt-based (like the ones that Rituals have) and this is right up my alley. Salt, karité, tuberose. Heaven!


The way to use this scrub is to apply it to dry skin and massage. You don't need to wash first since this is also a cleanser scrub. After that you only have to rinse it off with water. Your skin is left with a protective layer which feels a little bit oily. It's very emolient but not really greasy. My skin is dry and needs extra moisture so this works perfectly. And the scent lingers with exhilarating aromas os tuberose and green leaves. This scrub is powerful so be gentle using it. If you have a very sensitive skin maybe you should stick to other kinds of scrub. These are large salt grains and can be a little too much if you have a very delicate skin. Use this once a week.


Another daily pleasure is moisturizing with a scented cream. The Tuberose body lotion from Giardino Benessere is not really a lotion. It's a cream. A rich one. Very soft and pleasurable to use, this is a simple product that is good for normal to dry skin and leaves your body comfortable like inside a cocoon. Protected, nourished and covered in a soft perfume that is the perfect base if you also have the eau de parfum and need an extra support for making it last.


All products from Giardino Benessere are free from parabens and gluten. Giardino Benessere uses certified natural ingredients.

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