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Guerlain Cleansing Collection

Published: 2015-07-22 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care

August sees the launch of Guerlain’s new cleansing products. The famous French beauty brand has announced its new collection of cleansing solutions designed to address every skin type and every concern. The range comprises five different, but mutually complementing products, which are envisioned as a five-step routine to healthy, clean, and nourished skin. As Guerlain explains, the products are designed to give you the ultimate sensorial experience, pure, and more radiant skin. The main ingredient in Guerlain’s new beauty cleansers is nigella flower, which has a unique ability to neutralize the effects of free radicals, reduce cell oxidation, and limit free radical production. It also possesses significant anti-inflammatory benefits.

Guerlain Cleansing Products

The brand has also created the exclusive signature fragrance for the collection. Its clean and uplifting composition blends notes of white tea with comforting musky notes, and seductive jasmine.

Guerlain Eau de Beaute micelar lotion

Guerlain Eau de Beauté is a luxurious micellar lotion that purifies and illuminates the skin. Not only that this lotion cleanses your skin, but it also doubles as a makeup remover and a toner. Its advanced formula provides quick and effective cleansing in one simple step. The texture is lightweight, almost gel-like, and developed to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and plumped for up to 6 hours. To use, soak the cotton pad with the lotion and gently sweep over the face. Eau de Beauté comes in a 200 ml bottle.  $59.00

 Guerlain Beaute des Yeux Biphase Eye Makeup rRemover

Guerlain Beauté des Yeux Biphase Eye Make Up Remover is a fresh cleanser designed specifically for the eye area. It gently removes any traces of makeup, while leaving your skin feeling comfortable and clean. The formula, which is suitable even for the contact lens wearers, reduces under eye puffiness and brightens the eye contour area. The product is delivered in a 125 ml bottle.  $55.00 

 Guerlain Mousse de Beaute cleansing foam

Guerlain Mousse de Beauté purifies the skin, cleanses, and clarifies the complexion. The mousse transforms into a silky cream, as soon as it comes in contact with water. It leaves the skin soft, smooth, and radiantly translucent. The Mousse comes in a 150 ml bottle. $59.00

Guerlain Eau de Beaute cleansing milk

Guerlain Lait de Beauté is a gentle cleansing milk that removes all types of makeup, and is suitable for use on both the face and eyes. Its lavish texture melts under the fingers, and leaves your skin soft, supple, and smooth. The milk comes in a 200 ml container.  $59.00

Guerlain Creme de Beaute

Guerlain Crème de Beauté is a cleansing cream and a makeup remover that offers the most gentle, sensorial cleansing. This rich, creamy balm is suitable for all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth, comfortable and moisturized, for up to 6 hours. The cream is available in a 200 ml jar. $78.00

Guerlain Eau de Beauté Micelar LotionGuerlain Eau de Beauté Micelar Lotion
Guerlain Beauté des Yeux Biphase Eye Make Up RemoverGuerlain Beauté des Yeux Biphase Eye Make Up Remover
Guerlain Mousse de Beauté Cleansing FoamGuerlain Mousse de Beauté Cleansing Foam
Guerlain Lait de Beauté Cleansing MilkGuerlain Lait de Beauté Cleansing Milk
Guerlain Crème de Beauté Cleansing CreamGuerlain Crème de Beauté Cleansing Cream

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