Guerlain Spring 2017 Météorites Happy Glow

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Guerlain celebrates the 30th birthday of Météorites, the legendary illuminating powder pearls, with the 2017 limited edition collection called Météorites Happy Glow. Guerlain's Météorites were created in 1987 by Dominique Szabo, Creative Director of Guerlain Makeup at the time, who wanted to offer women pure radiance with these pearls that act as a concentrate of optical technologies.


Over the last 30 years, they have managed to evolve into a product that keeps on offering more and more. Pioneers of color correction and glow sublimated by optics, Météorites pearls have been enriched with "Rainbow" and "Star Dust" technologies to make the invisible visible and to reveal more light on the skin.



  • 3 color harmonies are created to meet the needs of color correction and brightness of light, medium and dark skin;
  • Each of the harmonies contain 6 shades of powdered pearls compacted with a specific benefit and effect.
  • Under the hairs of the brush, these 6 shades of pearls mix perfectly for a smart multi-benefit color correction with a natural finish and a "supernatural" appearance.


In 2017, Météorites celebrate their 30th anniversary. On this occasion, they reinvented themselves with the collector products that promise a very desirable "rosy glow" and continue to diffuse the scent of violets signature to the Météorites Guerlain line. The limited edition collection that says "Happy Birthday" offers 4 new products that pay homage to the mildness of the spring:


Météorites Happy Glow Pearls - Light Revealing Powder Pearls

The new limited edition pearls offer a new color harmony with a combination of corrective and brightening pearls to erase the signs of fatigue and restore the natural glow f the skin. The largest "Rainbow Glow" pearls amplify light with multicolored pearl particles, while the 3 other colors each provide a special benefit: Champagne to reflect the light, Purple to neutralize yellow and attract the light and Pink for the refreshing effect against a dull complexion.


Limited Edition - 77 €

Météorites Happy Glow Blush - Light-Sculpting Compacted Pearls of Powder

Inspired by the the Météorites Voyage and their micro-pearls of powder compacted in a travel case, this 2-in-1 product  is both blush and highlighter, ideal for a quick boost of radiance. Rainbow Glow pearls bring a boost of light thanks to the multi-colored pearl particles, Pink pearls are there for a refreshing anti-dull effect and Fuchsia pearls revive the skin's radiance and give a fresh boost to the complexion.


Limited Edition - 55.50 €

KISSKISS Shaping Creamy Lip Colour (Le Rouge Crème Galbant)

The two new Météorites collector products are accompanied by two new colors of the KissKiss lipstick in Limited Edition. Two new colors have a rosy finish: Blossom Glow, a bold pinkish red, and Pearly Pink, a more tender and glossy pink.


Limited edition - 41 €

Météorites The Brush

Guerlain also launches a new version of the Météorites Brush with improved and highly practical design. It is even softer and stronger at the same time, still as easy to use and makes the emblematic G* gesture of the Météorites a piece of cake.

*G gesture - From the center of the forehead to the cheekbones through the temples, then continue down the face and neck. On each side of the face.


Price - 41.50 €

Guerlain Météorites Powder For The FaceGuerlain Météorites Powder For The Face
Guerlain Météorites BrushGuerlain Météorites Brush
Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip ColorGuerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Color
Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte PowderGuerlain Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte Powder
Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow PearlsGuerlain Météorites Happy Glow Pearls
Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow BlushGuerlain Météorites Happy Glow Blush
Guerlain Météorites The BrushGuerlain Météorites The Brush
Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Color Happy GlowGuerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Color Happy Glow

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