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By Miguel Matos

In my opinion the world of beard cosmetics is yet to develop properly. The shaving products ranges are already sufficient and there are a lot of dfferent brands worldwide offering all sorts of things. But with the current trend of big beards, there are some points that need further development. I mean, treating your facial hair in such a noble fashion as ou would do with the one you have on your head is something that appeals to me as a bearded man.


(this is a model, not me...)

I am the typical latin type regarding hair. I have lots of it. Thick, very healthy, but also wavy and rebel. This apllies also to my beard. For some time now I have been experimenting and trying beard conditioners like oils and balms. There are not so many products to chose from. Most of them are oils that can bring shine and make it a bit more supple, but they can't help with the styling. I never look well groomed with oils since they are not enough to tame my beard.

Until recently, when I was in a Lush store and asked if they had something powerful to domesticate my beard. The guy who was working there had a nice beard too, more or less like mine. He told me that Lush does not have a specific beard product, but he reccomended me to use their hair leave-in conditioner R&B. He explained that he normally uses it after the daily shower. He towel-dries the beard and then applies a very small quantity over it. So he gave a sample and I went home in the hope of finding my solution.


The next day I tried R&B. So after my shower I did all of my beauty routine (I'm almost 40 so I have to be more careful now) and I applied a very small quantity. Is is really a small quantity, I have to stress. This may seem expensive at 17€ per bottle, but when you realize you will be using so much each time, it will last an eternity. The beard looked immediately soft and shiny but I wasn't satisfied with the hold and shaping after using it. Well, it may help smoother hair, but not mine. So this is not really helping me but it can be perfect for les “mediterranean beards”. What I did notice was the perfume of R&B. A kind of floral jasmine and other white florals potion with a sweet element from amber, maybe. It is delicious but it has a strong sillage. It behaves like a very heavy eau de parfum, killing all other scent you may be wearing. I actually got a lot of compliments when I was using R&B. I didn't even have to wear perfume. But the same quality made me get tired of it. Having perfume so close to my nose for so many hours made me want to shower. It was overwhelming. One night I applied it before going to bed and I couldn't sleep right because of it. So be careful with this. In conclusion: R&B may be good for softer beards and it really moisturizes hair and skin, but it is not enough for me. And the excessive scent turned me off. I did not buy it.


Thinking of hair products applied to the beard I had the idea of experimenting with a product I bought some time ago in Paris. The L.T. Piver Rêve d'Or Brillantine. This belongs to the line of the classic fragrance Rêve d'Or, one of the oldest in the Piver catalogue and it is a shine pomade for the hair with the same fragrance included in the composition. I do love the smell and I tried to apply it on my beard. Well, why haven't I thought of this earlier? The scent is subtle and it doesn't bother me like the one in R&B. Initially, this seemed to be too thick to put on the beard, but just rub it in the palm of your hand to heat it a bit and spread it gently with a massage. Then style your beard by hand and with a comb. It's magic. It doesn't look as shiny as if you were using an oil but the hair looks immediately straightened. And the hold lasts for the entire day, still feeling supple and soft. It is a pleasure to touch my beard when I am using the Rêve d'Or Brillantine. And if you love the smell, you can extend it by wearing the actual cologne. Try it, the price can be low but the satisfaction is high.

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Rêve d'Or, wow! I tried to use the lotion but the fragrance was just a little too retro for me. I do quite like the white Heliotrope lotion from Piver. Great toning aftershave splash/cologne that smells like almond cookies.

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