Hyaluronic Acid: Comparing 6 Serums

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If there is a cosmetic ingredient that can securely help your skin be it young or mature, dry or oily, even sensitive, this ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. Since I discovered the benefits of this ingredient, my skin suffered a revolution and is more healthy and calm. Hyaluronic acid is particularly practical and effective when it is highly concentrated in a serum that you can use before your normal moisturizer. So here is a comparison that I have been doing since March about several serum products from different brands containing hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the words “du jour” in cosmetic treatments. It has powerful anti-aging properties and is an important hydration tool for our skin. It is also very helpful in healing sensitive skin and I found it especially useful because it can prevend and repair skin rashes like the ones I had on my neck everytime I shaved. With a good acid hyaluronic serum it just stops and that's how I got hooked.

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan. It is naturally produced by our skin but is becomes less and less present as we age. It is responsible for the elasticity and vitality of the skin and it can a good amount of moisture for the skin to use. One gram (0.03 ounce) of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water but it also balances the amount of water on the skin so it is never too much. While it holds water, it also promotes a youthful skin that is plump and elastic. Wrinkles become filled and the overall appearance of the skin becomes more healthy without side effects. The outer layers of the skin are renewed and kept in good shape with this ingredient. Hyaluronic acid is a multitask ingredient since it is also an antioxidant and it can help fight stress and envoronmental induces skin problems. It is also very calming and can even be used by people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. So whenever you see it, it's a good thing.


In some products we see acid hyaluronic and in others there is something of a similar name called Sodium hyaluronate. What is this? According to Paula's Choice, this “is a salt derived from hyaluronic acid. It has all the benefits of hyaluronic acid, but with one extra advantage, in that it is more easily absorbed than hyaluronic acid. In no way does this make one better than the other—in fact, we think it’s great if a product contains both so your skin can reap the benefits on multiple levels. There are indeed products that include both, but because hyaluronic acid is more expensive, sodium hyaluronate tends to show up more often in skincare products.”

Hyaluronic Acid Products to the test:


Since last March I have been exploring several serums where hyaluronic acid is an important part of the composition. I started with Skinceuticals B5 serum and it really made quite an impact on my skin. I instantly knew that this is the ingredient my skin lacked. With this product my most visible difference was the almost total disappearance of pimples and rashes in the places where I shave, namely the sensitive area of the neck. The only thing I was not very keen was the texture. It felt more like a lubricant and it left a strange film on the skin.


After that I decided to try Rexaline's Hydra-Force. This time I doubted if it even had a drop of hyaluronic acid, for it did nothing good to my skin. Yes it moisturizes but there was no visible effect on wrinkles and redness. Money down the drain with this one.


My third experience was with Caudalie Vinosource Serum. This is a lightweight serum, more like a watered milk. It smells good and it can be refreshing to apply during a hot summer day. It is perfect for oily skin since it immediately disappears, being totally absorbed. However, for normal to dry skin this is clearly nor sufficient. Also, the redness and rash is not treated with this serum. Iot has antioxidants from grapes but must not have much hyaluronic acid to be honest.



Following these not so good experiences, I was treated to a piece of paradise: Perris Skin Fitness Serum. This is an extremely expensive product costing from 180 to 200 euros. However it is just perfect. I mean what can I say? Wrinkles are faded. Skin is hydrated to optimum level. No more irritations, rashes, pimples, nothing. Almost scentless. Perfect texture. Everything you could ask for in a treatment is here. It just costs too much and the packaging could be a little more glam, for the price.


After such a high-level product like Perris, I wasn't expecting it to get even better. But it did. The best thing ever in hyaluronic acid serums is Le Serum Universel by Methode Jeanne Piaubert. Adding to the fact that is has both forms of hyaluronic acid thus making the most of it, it also has a rich texture with powerful moisturizing effect that makes it suitable as a stand alone product. If your skin is normal you don't even need to wear a moisturizing cream after this. Only a sunscreen product is sufficient after applying this one. It is a bit expensive too but I couldn't possibly imagine a better product. My skin turned perfect with this regarding hydration, wrinkles and irritations (which turned to zero). Even the packaging is nice! Bravo!


Now, for all of us who aren't swimming in money but still need to take care of our skin, there is also a great choice called Hydraluron from the Indeed brand. It says it contains pure hyaluronic acid and it only costs about 16 euros. I was skeptical but there is actually a big buzz around in online with many people praising its virtues so I gave it a go. And in fact it is a simples product but with great powers. It doesn't have a lot going on regarding extra ingredients, but the fact is that it visibly acts on hydration and it heals sufficiently. For a normal skin person aged 30 with no major problems I would say this is the best one of them all. My skin needs a little more power, but for this price I will buy it again for sure. Texture is very good also and since it is a tube you can control very well the amount you want to use, contrary to the products that come with a pump. Well done!

1- Best Choice: Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron (16€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 8
Healing properties (1-10): 8
Price vs profit (1-10): 10
Texture (1-10): 8
Anti aging skills (1-10): 7
Packaging: 9
Final note: 8,3


2- Best product: Methode Jeanne Piaubert Le Serum Universel (175€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 10
Healing properties (1-10): 10
Price vs profit (1-10): 2
Texture (1-10): 10
Anti aging skills (1-10): 9
Packaging: 9
Final note: 8,3


3- Skinceuticals B5 Gel (59€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 7
Healing properties (1-10): 10
Price vs profit (1-10): 6
Texture (1-10): 7
Anti aging skills (1-10): 8
Packaging: 10
Final note: 8


4 - Perris Skin Fitness Serum Concentré (180€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 9
Healing properties (1-10): 10
Price vs profit (1-10): 1
Texture (1-10): 9
Anti aging skills (1-10): 9
Packaging: 9
Final note: 7,8


5 - Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (35€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 6
Healing properties (1-10): 5
Price vs profit (1-10): 5
Texture (1-10): 5
Anti aging skills (1-10): 5
Packaging: 7
Final note: 5,5


6 - Rexaline Hydra-Force Concentrated Hyper-Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Serum (70€)

Moisturizing performance (1-10): 5
Healing properties (1-10): 2
Price vs profit (1-10): 3
Texture (1-10): 7
Anti aging skills (1-10): 5
Packaging: 9
Final note: 5,1

Rexaline Hydra-Force Concentrated Hyper-Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle SerumRexaline Hydra-Force Concentrated Hyper-Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Serum
Indeed Laboratories HydraluronIndeed Laboratories Hydraluron
Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Le Serum UniverselMéthode Jeanne Piaubert Le Serum Universel
Perris Skin Fitness Concentrated SerumPerris Skin Fitness Concentrated Serum
Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching SerumCaudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

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Thanks for the highly informative article on hyaluronic products. It's enormously helpful when someone tries products, compares them, and shares the results with the masses. I struggle with rosacea and the occasional break out, so maybe a couple of these products are ones I need to purchase in order to quell those irritations once and for all...

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