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Illamasqua launches Radiance Veil

Published: 2015-09-04 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Illamasqua introduces a new addition to its trilogy of veils. September sees the launch of the Radiance Veil from Illamasqua, which is an innovative hybrid product – part primer, part illuminator.

Illamasqua Radiance Veil is designed to prep and prime your skin prior makeup application, while creating a gorgeous luminous effect. Just as any other makeup primer, the Illamasqua Radiance Veil smoothes texture of the skin, boosts coverage, and helps your makeup wear better and last longer. It also leaves your skin glowing and well nourished, thanks to a special conditioning formula with Vitamin C and miniscule shimmering particles. The product also mixes well with all different kinds of liquid foundations, to enhance their texture and customize to a radiant luminous finish.

Speaking about the new product, Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director, said: “Radiance Veil is exactly what it says – a veil of beautiful light that glows and radiates. A soft peach golden tone like seeing your skin softened in candle light. Used alone it gives a polished, new born soft reflection to the skin. As a base under foundation it gives skin a feeling of a radiant inner glow.”

In addition to illuminating pearl pigments and Vitamin C, Illamasqua Radiance Veil also blends Acmella Oleracea extract, which is known for its instant smoothing effect and ability to boost skin’s elasticity and radiance. Vitamin E is also added to improve the skin’s level of hydration.


Illamasqua Radiance Veil is launching on September 10, 2015, at The product is delivered in a sleek black luxurious jar, and it retails at £32. In addition to the Radiance Veil, Illamasqua also offers Matte Veil, which is based on an intensely mattifying formula, and Hydra Veil, which is a gelatinous primer which also moisturizes the skin.

Illamasqua Hydra VeilIllamasqua Hydra Veil
Illamasqua Matte VeilIllamasqua Matte Veil
Illamasqua Radiance VeilIllamasqua Radiance Veil

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