Kallos KJMN Hair Pro-Tox Shampoo: New Life For My Hair and Scalp!

Published: 2017-02-17 by Miguel Matos in Hair

One thing I like to do is buying online brands that I don't know and that seem to offer different products for a good price. I recently found out about Kallos KJMN, a line that is very diverse but what caught my attention was this shampoo with hyaluronic acid. And being an addicted to this ingredient, seeing the wonders it does for my skin, I began to be interested in a shampoo that could offer the same benefits.


The Kallos KJMN Hair Pro-Tox Shampoo seems to be inspired by skincare in order to deliver extra protection and moisture to dry and damaged hair. It contrains a trio of wonderful things to make your hear great: keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. I bought it for as little as 3,30 euros for a 1000ml bottle. I was not expecting a miracle but my scalp was dry and flaky and I deposited some hopes in this product.

When I first used it what struck me was the silky texture of the liquid and the intense perfume that reminded me of the roses you can smell in some Chloe perfumes. Not my favorite thing to smell, but I am sure a lot of people should love it since it's a bestseller. So foam-wise it's nice and rich. The experience of use is pleasing. After rinsing my hair I immediatly saw that it was much different to the touch. Silkier, softer, hydrated. I used it for weeks and my scalp was no longer dry and flaky. Hair looks amazing and balanced. Love it to pieces. After that I began to think I could apply it to my beard as well, since the skin underneath it was beginning to be dry and flaky too. Guess what? It worked! So hair and beard are now soft and smooth, protected and hydrated with a product that costs nearly nothing. It will be a repeated purchase, I am sure of it.


By the way, I found this in Kallos website, so you can know where it comes from: “The multi-generational family enterprise was founded by János Kallós in 1978, in Budapest. In addition to hair and body care products of professional standards, our company also manufactures and distributes fine cosmetics articles. Every element of our particularly broad product portfolio, consisting of hundreds of innovative, new generation products, has been developed in our own laboratory, by always keeping a step ahead of the trends. These articles are manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, from base materials of excellent quality, with special respect to the design of our products and the quality of packaging. The success of our consistent developments is clearly indicated by the fact that we are present in as many as 19 countries of Europe, in addition to Canada and the United States.”

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Kallos KJMN Hair Pro-Tox Shampoo

Kallos KJMN Hair Pro-Tox Shampoo



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