Kiehl's Post Shave Repair Gel

Published: 2014-09-29 by Marina Milojević in MEN

Kiehl’s since 1851 has just launched a new product aimed at men – the Post Shave Repair Gel.

The Post Shave Repair Gel for men from Kiehl's, which will arrive on the shelves in November 2014, is described as an invigorating, refreshing, lightweight gel, which not only soothes the skin and calms down irritation, but also nourishes and fortifies the upper layers of the epidermis. The gel is formulated with 90% aloe, which has been used ever since the ancient past to treat wounds, burns, infections, and to moisturize the skin. In ancient Egypt, aloe was regarded as the plant of immortality, and the earliest record of its use comes from the Egyptians, who often used pictures of this plant to adorn the walls of their temples.

The formula also uses squalene, which is an emollient and natural moisturizer that helps rebuild the surface layers of the skin, which are typically damaged during the shaving process. In order to make the formula most efficient, Kiehl’s has formulated its Post Shave Repair Gel without any alcohol or parabens. The texture is extremely thin and light, which guarantees easy absorption and prepares the skin for moisturizer application. To yield maximum benefits, always choose the moisturizer suitable for your specific skin type and concerns. Kiehl's Post Shave Repair Gel should be applied onto freshly cleansed face in an upward circular motion. A very small amount of the product should be applied each time, while avoiding the area around eyes. Kiehl's Post Shave Repair Gel is delivered in Kiehl’s distinctive pharmaceutical-type 4.2 fl. oz. bottle (125 ml). The recommended retail price for this product is $22.00. Kiehl's Post Shave Repair Gel

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Kiehl's Since 1851 Post Shave Repair Gel

Kiehl's Since 1851 Post Shave Repair Gel



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