L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream

Published: 2015-06-25 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care

L’Oréal has just launched a new restorative eye treatment, which is designed to target five different signs of aging. This potent anti-aging solution, specifically formulated for the eye area, instantly renews delicate skin around your eyes and contributes to visibly brighter, more rested look of your eyes.

Same as all other products from the Age Perfect range, the Eye Renewal Eye Cream improves the rate of cell renewal to diminish all signs of aging-related dryness and dullness. As we age, the process of cell renewal often slows down, which devitalizes our skin and makes it appear dry and lackluster. The Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream stimulates exfoliation so young surface skin cells are revealed faster, which, in return, leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, supple, and intensely moisturized.

Loreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream

L’Oréal Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream brings no less than five beautifying benefits on various signs of aging around the eyes. It helps reveal new surface cells, makes the eyes appear rested, visibly smoother, and brighter. Its cutting-edge formula recreates a radiant, revitalized eye contour, while the Pro-Cystein complex protects the cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The cream brings immediate hydrating, firming, and toning benefits, along with significant long-term results in reduction of dark circles and under-eye bags. The product is also proven to be effective in diminishing crow’s feet wrinkles, and reducing eyelid crepiness.

L’Oréal Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream should be applied every morning and evening, after your usual cleansing routine. Apply a small amount to the entire eye area using fingertips, and pat in gently until it is absorbed.

The Age Perfect - Eye Renewal Eye Treatment comes in a massive glass bottle with gold-colored pump dispenser. The product is available for purchase at Ulta.com and lorealparisusa.com, for $24.99

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L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream

L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Eye Renewal Eye Cream



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