L'Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Face Oil

Published: 2013-10-08 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care

L'Oreal Paris has launched a special product developed for Nordic skin – the Nutri Gold Face Oil.

Nordic people are known for their fresh looking complexion and effortless youthful look. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are probably the most important contributors to this image. However, since the ethnicity and the environment in which one lives significantly affect aging skin, the main reason behind the legend of Nordic beauty could be that the Nordic skins are not exposed to as much harsh sun rays as skins in other regions of the world. 

A blond-haired, blue-eyed, light-skinned person of Nordic descent will typically feel hazardous effects of the sun much more than its dark-skinned peers. Fortunately, Nordic people do not get sun most of the year, which means that the sun-induced aging is not their main beauty concern. The harsh northern climate and seasonal fluctuations, which are typical for Scandinavian countries, are instead making Nordic skin vulnerable to the loss of moisture and radiance. This is exactly what L'Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Face Oil targets. By blending eight different essential oils, Nutri Gold Face Oil promises to soften the Nordic skin during the cold season, and restore its healthy and youthful radiance.

This lightweight oil is a mixture of Jojoba, Chamomile, Rose, Forest Rose, Rosemary, Lavender, Orange and Geranium oils. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, without any greasy residue. The transparent blend of oils leaves a comfortable feel and promises rejuvenated, bouncier and smoother skin. It is best to apply the product morning or evening, either on its own or before the moisturizer.

L'Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Face Oil is delivered in a 30ml dropper bottle with a dropper. The product retails at € 28,95.

  L'Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Face Oil


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