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Published: 2017-03-07 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

If you want beautiful, groomed, well sculpted brows, then you should remember that shaping your brows is more about styling than simply plucking.


Shaping your best look with the finest selection of brow pencils, powders, and liners of has never been easier, now that MAC, the world's leading professional makeup authority, offers a full collection of brow grooming essentials.

Our Brushstroke Liner features a precision brush tip that makes liquid lining sharp, fast and easy. Pair it with our new all-in-one Great Brows Brow Kit, which has all the essentials to groom your arches in seconds. - MAC Cosmetics


MAC Great Brows Collection is named after MAC’s new all-in-one brow kit that includes two matte, natural looking shades, and one extra-creamy highlighter – everything you need to groom your brows at a blink of an eye. The mirrored compact also includes the small angled brush, to apply color along brow line, and a blending brush. $30.00


  • Fling - light taupe ash blonde/dark muted greyish taupe/shimmer soft pastel pink
  • Cork - light warm blonde/dark dirty blonde/shimmer off white pink


  • Taupe - light taupe/dark greyed taupe/shimmer soft creamy beige
  • Tapered - mid-tone warm brunette/dark warm brunette/shimmer soft pink beige


  • Lingering - light muted brunette/dark muted brunette/shimmer soft peach
  • Spike - yellow deep brunette/blackened deep brunette/shimmer peachy gold


MAC Brushstroke Liner is a liquid eyeliner with a precision brush tip. Available in black and brown, its long-lasting formula promises up to 24 hours of wear. The mistake-proof, tapered-tip pen creates the perfect thick or thin line in a single sweep. Smudge-free and budge-resistant. $21.00


  • Brushblack – black
  • Brushbrown - brown

MAC Brow Sculpt, a retractable pencil with a chiseled tip and a grooming spoolie brush, shapes and gently fills in with matte color. Use the flat edge of the pencil for a natural, diffused look, or the pointed tip for the precise, high-definition effect. Use a grooming brush to set your brows in place. $21.00


  • Omega - light ash blonde
  • Cork - warm blonde
  • Fling - taupe blonde
  • Taupe - light taupe
  • Brun - taupe brown
  • Lingering - medium brown
  • Spiked - deep brunette
  • Stud - deepest black brunette

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