MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows for Fall 2016

Published: 2016-09-29 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

MAC Cosmetics is just about to launch a small collection of eight new Spellbinder Eyeshadows. At a first glance, these small round pots filled with dark, richly pigmented eye shadow, look just as normal as any other product. However, there is something absolutely magical about them. See the interesting ribbed pattern on the surface of the pigment? Well, your eye shadow is going to stay like that forever! This shape-shifting eye shadow magically snaps back into place after each application!

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows for Fall 2016

So, what kind of sorcery is this? It looks like MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows work on the same principle as once-popular magnetic nail polishes. The pigment, actually, contains miniscule metallic particles, while the lid of the container has a magnet. These metallic particles respond to a magnet and hence the undisturbed ribbed pattern on the surface of the pigment!f

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows for Fall 2016

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadow arrives in deep, mysterious shades with a fine, velvety finish. Its black ionized pigments are magnetically charged, so the loose powder magically maintains its form and dimension. The eyeshadow is available in eight shades with high-impact metallic finish:

  • Mysterious Influence -rich olive golden green
  • Higher Power - rich deep brown
  • Cosmic Clash - deep green
  • Aphrodisiatic - rich cobalt blue
  • Blue Karma - soft greyed teal
  • Retrograde - greyed black
  • Gravity’s Pull - dark purple
  • Dynamically Charged - taupey cool bronze

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows for Fall 2016 retail at €21 Euro per shade. Available from December 2016.

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