Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

Published: 2011-04-26 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Make Up For Ever launches the new Aqua Liners available in 15 lovely shades. The colors range from gold to green and from turquoise to burgundy, with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. As we can see on the product image, the applicator is very fine and allows for precise drawing of  thin lines around your eyes.

These 15 new liquid eyeliners are part of Aqua range, a line of waterproof makeup products by Make Up For Ever . The award-winning Aqua range now embraces the new collection of liquid eye liners, designed to complete your summer look and to accompany you even in the most extreme environments: summer heat, water and sand!  However, these cool eyeliners are also suitable for professional makeup artists, since they provide 100% waterproof formula, which will not melt away under hot lights. This is an absolutely sweat-proof color that lasts for hours, or until you actually decide to remove it. You should always use a waterproof makeup remover to take this eyeliner off your eyes. The simple makeup remover won’t work with Aqua range products. Even the simple eyeliner is generally tricky to remove because we usually apply it just behind the eyelashes. This way, the color tends to stick between the lashes, which makes it very hard to take it off. The best way to remove it is to use the end of a cotton swab dipped in warm water and just a drop of petrolatum jelly on the bud. The color will dissolve as you run the swab over the eye gently.

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Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner



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