Make Up For Ever's Not Retouched Campaign

Published: 2011-03-21 by Ines Markovic in Makeup

The almighty Photoshop, which erases lines and wrinkles, enlarges eyes and breasts and makes things dissapear, is a tool that is used today on every single magazine cover, editorial or cosmetics campaign.

A few months ago, the famous french brand Make Up For Ever launched HD GENERATION - a new generation of make up products completely invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. These products provide full coverage but are also sheer, natural and true-to-color.

To show the effectivness of this new line, the creative staff of Make Up For Ever decided to make a campaign without a Photoshop. And for consumers to take them seriously, they even hired a notary public which confirmed that the models that are wearing HD makeup in the campaign are not retouched.

The Not-Retouched campaign comes with a very interesting video game, in which you play the detective, guessing who's retouched and who's not. And by doing that you can also win prizes! So enough talk, click here and have some fun!


Ines Markovic


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