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Remember the time when everybody went wild for Prosecco-scented nail polish? Well, there's a wine scented deodorant now! A wine-scented deodorant? Who the hell would want to smell like a bottle of rose? According to the Native’s website, there are at least 3000 people who have tried and loved the smell of their new Brunch Scents deodorant pack that includes three full-sized bars of Native Rosé, Sangria, and Mimosa! The set debuted on Wednesday, as a way to celebrate the first day of summer!

native brunch set deodorants

Native is a bath and body brand that specializes in production of deodorants that “aren’t a chemistry experiment.” Formulated with all-natural ingredients, these USA-made deodorants are cruelty-, aluminum-, and paraben-free.

native rose deodorant

Since deodorant is applied daily to sensitive areas of your body, it would be a good idea for everyone to choose a natural one. Just keep in mind that, if you have just switched from a chemical-based one to a natural alternative, your body chemistry may need a week or two to adjust to the change.

wine for brunch

Native deodorants are formulated with baking soda, which eliminates odors; moisture-absorbing arrowroot powder; and acidophilus, which eliminates odor-causing fungi, yeast, and bacteria. It actively protects, keeping you fresh, dry, and confident all day long.

The Brunch Scents wine-scented trio retails for $30.00. Naturally, this limited edition pack is already sold out, but you can sing up for the wait-list to be notified when it's back!

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Native Deodorant Brunch Scents Trio

Native Deodorant Brunch Scents Trio



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These sound pretty fabulous for scent-fanatics like me! WANT!

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