Philips Survey: The Bigger the Beard, the Lesser the Body Hair!

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According to the latest study by Philips that the brand has just released, 78% of young males usually wear a beard style, with a three-day beard look preferred by 43% of men. Over 70% of women like men with beard and of these, 47% prefer to be a three-day beard. 71% of men use electric machines to take care of his beard, as a single element, or combined with other manual options.

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Philips conducted a study on male grooming habits. How do they see it? What do they do? How would they like to see themselves? What do women like best? This study shows that 78% of men regularly use some kind of beard, and of these the most popular option is the three-day beard (43.7%), followed by dense beard (25.6%). The other style options like the pear, the mustache and sideburns are the least elected. 71% of the surveyed women stated that the 2 or 3 days-beard is their preferred style.

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But do men use the style they want? This study concluded that 1 in 3 men do not. Although beard reveals a more aspirational style, almost 33% of men do not use it. Because? Lack of time and effort required for a groomed beard are the main reasons for some of them to not wear the style they would like.

Now what about body hair?

80% of men remove hair from other parts of the body. Interestingly, it is more common to epilate elsewhere in the body the greater the length of the beard. Almost 84% of men with beard remove the hair from their body, while this rate falls to 71% among those who shave.

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In this matter there is no consensus between men and women. The area with body hair that worries more men is genital (66.8%), glabellar (49%) and breast (40.6%). Women also like men to epilate, but the essential areas for they are the glabellar (63.4%), back (44.9%) and nose (44.2%) and to a lesser extent the ears, chest and genitals. Among the men who shave in other parts of the body, not living with family is key: increases the number average depilated areas.

For body hair removal, 68% of young males use electrical appliances, 35% of them combine it with hand tools. The laser is only an option for 2.6% of men. Almost 45% of men living in couples only use electrical appliances.

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Of course that Phillips woudn't offer us this amount of precious trivia without announcing something else: a new trimming machine: the MultiGroom Serie 7000, a product ten in one, with all the accessories to get the best look. “The MultiGroom Serie 7000 offers a fast cutting and accurate at all times.” says the brand. “The new MultiGroom Philips 7000 Series offers maximum versatility thanks to its 10 accessories that give freedom to create different styles from head to toe.”

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The MultiGroom Philips 7000 Series costs 79.99 euros.


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