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Published: 2016-01-25 by Marina Milojević in Health

Dr. Jeffrey H. Spiegel, one of the world's leading practitioners of Facial Feminization Surgery, been kind enough to answer some questions on a variety of aesthetic plastic surgery topics people go through every day.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel of Boston, Massachusetts, Chief of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Boston University Medical Center, is a facial plastic surgeon specialized in advanced facial plastic surgery. Dr. Spiegel is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. For a full list of cosmetic and reconstructive treatments Dr. Spiegel offers, please visit his website

The biggest trend in 2014 was the buttock augmentation. Has anything changed by now? What's currently on trend in regard to cosmetic procedures?

Now the greatest trend is customization. People want unique features. I have people who come in requesting dimples. This is a quick procedure we do in the office and we can create a beautiful, natural dimple in minutes.  One side or both sides, it's a nice option. People also want better smiles. We do this comprehensively meaning we don't just fill in the lips. Full lips are important but sometimes we lift the corners of the lips to create more of a smile. Sometimes we lift the entire lip so more teeth show when you smile. Other times we reduce the amount of tooth show if you have a gummy smile. There's no one size fits all.

The fascination with physical beauty is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern world. How to make a difference between good and bad motivators for seeking cosmetic surgery?

Human beings have evolved to look at other humans as a way of determining (among other things) if they are a good mate, if they are healthy, and if they are beautiful. We can't help it!  It's very innate and not a conscious decision.  In our modern world, pictures and video are everywhere so looking good all the time becomes increasingly relevant and important. Desiring to look your best is very healthy and natural. There are not too many people who take it too far and those that do truly stand out.

Can you tell us more about the evolution of plastic surgery procedures? Are they really safer and more affordable today?

Plastic surgery procedures are certainly safer! Innovative plastic surgeons of today learn from the surgeon's of the past and apply rigorous scientific testing to develop the safest and most effective and long lasting procedures. For example, I do a very powerful procedure where we adjust the hairline, raise the eyebrows, and shape the upper third of the skull. This makes a face look younger, more feminine, and much more attractive. The procedure has been so refined that it takes less than 90 minutes and is safer than getting your tonsils removed!

Facial Feminization Before After Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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What is facial feminization surgery? To whom would you recommend it to?

Looking attractive as a woman means looking feminine. These two terms are really synonymous. So, facial feminization surgery is a way to make any woman's face more attractive.  It represents a totally different approach to facial surgery. Instead of trying to apply a procedure to the face - for example, trying to give someone a nose job or a facelift, I think about what parts of the face are sending a message of looking less attractive. When we feminize those features (which may involve shaping the bone of the face) the face is transformed with a much more beautiful appearance. Yet, the person doesn't look operated on or like a different person. It's as if the most beautiful you can suddenly appear.

Facial Feminization Before After Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel
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What about non-surgical adjustments? Can they give the same results as plastic surgeries? What makes one candidate more suitable for a surgery?

A good surgeon has a large toolbox. I offer surgery when that's the best solution. Often I talk people out of surgery because there are office procedures or techniques which are more likely to help them achieve their goals.

It is no secret that plastic surgery turns back the hands of time. More and more people who choose to have decorative tattoos in youth are now considering surgical tattoo removals. Is  the pain of tattoo removal really far worse than that of getting inked? What else can be done for those looking for a more professional, mature look?

Tattoo removal is typically done with lasers and they are often described as feeling like you are being snapped with a rubber band. That's not too bad, but nobody wants to be snapped too many times in a row!  Fortunately, I have the ability to numb up the area so you hardly feel anything at all.

Other regretted body modifications can also be undone. I often fix the ears of people who have gauged the earlobes and can reduce the scars of unwanted piercings or body modifications. We can change the story a person's face tells to give them more options and opportunities.

Dr. Spiegel  Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon at his office
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Can you tell us more about mini treatments? What conditions can be improved upon with mini procedures?

People recognize now that it may be better to continually look good rather than let yourself get very old looking and then dramatically change. Smaller mini treatments along the way keep you looking good in a stable fashion.  People go to the dentist twice a year to keep their teeth looking good, well I think that twice a year visits to the facial plastic surgeon can result in an even more effective way to look good without the need for dramatic surgery.

In your opinion, what is the future of beauty? Can you predict any surprising new trends in plastic surgery?

The future is great!  Hand rejuvenation is something we do more and more of. When your face looks young but your hands look old, what do you do? We now have fillers and lasers that can turn back the "hand" of time. Also, travel to experts is more common. Today alone in my office I saw people from 6 states and 3 countries outside of the USA. The Internet has made it so that people can find exactly the expert they need, and travel is relatively inexpensive. Couple that with short recovery periods and it's well worth going to the best.

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