Sisley to launch White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs

Published: 2016-12-13 by Marina Milojević in Bath & body

The upscale beauty brand Sisley has announced the launch of its very first contouring body oil for legs. The new generation product, named Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs, is designed in response to market demands coming from modern-day consumers.

sisley white ginger contouring oil for legs

This oil, formulated with powerful essential oils, is designed to help dissolve body fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and make your legs appear more toned and slender. It specifically targets infiltrated cellulite, which is associated with water retention, mainly visible on the legs, and generally accompanied by sensations of heaviness and tiredness in the legs.


Used in conjunction with dry body brushing and lymphatic massage, Sisley’s White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs may help improve blood circulation, thus helping to release retained water and dissolve fatty deposits. The extracts of white ginger and ginko biloba target swollen tissues to provide the effect of draining. The extract of red algae, gelidium cartilagineum, and cedrol promote fat burning and dissolve accumulated fat. In addition, this oil includes essential oils of rosemary and litsea cubeba, known for their firming and toning properties. The oils are combined nourishing ingredients such as shea, macadamia, and aniroba oils, to regenerate the skin and provide softness and comfort.

Sisley’s new White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs debuts in March 2017. The oil is presented in a 150ml spray bottle.

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Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs

Sisley White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs



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