The new AXE Face range

Published: 2013-02-23 by Marina Milojević in MEN

AXE, a famous brand of male grooming products, is extending its grooming portfolio with the new AXE Face range, which consists of face wash, shave gel and post-shave hydrator products.

The new AXE Face range is developed as a quick and easy skin care solution. The line is designed for men and developed with their special habits and concerns in mind. Each of the products from this lineup is simple and easy to use, they smell great and they are keeping the men looking best with almost no effort. The products are designed in four different variants, depending on the skin concern they are targeting. Each product is offered in either gel- or cream-based formula and spiced up with irresistible macho fragrance.

  • AXE Chilled is designed to leave fresh feeling, to invigorate the skin and uplift the moods thanks to the icy cool ingredients and its minty fragrance.
  • AXE Shield is designed for sensitive skin. It keeps the skin smooth and well hydrated, soothes the irritations and offers the relief.
  • AXE Boost is formulated with micro-beads to energize tired and exhausted skin. It makes the skin feel toned and smooth for hours.
  • AXE Controil is exfoliating formula aimed at oily skin types. It removes the excess oil and deeply cleanses the pores.
  • AXE Face Wash will be available in all four variants.
  • AXE Shave Gel is available in AXE Chilled and Shield variants.
  • AXE Hydrator is available in AXE Chilled gel formula and Shield cream formula.
The AXE Face range is already available for purchase at most drugstores for a suggested retail price range of $4.29 to $8.99.


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