Yves Saint Laurent Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection SPF 50

Published: 2016-12-30 by Sanja Pekic in Skin Care


As is widely known, premature visible aging is mostly caused by sun damage and pollution. Yves Saint Laurent offers a new solution as a part of their SkinScience Exclusive line in the Blanc Pur Couture collection. The new Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection SPF 50 is a practical, all-in-one product, offering high protection, makeup base and skin care. It reportedly dresses the skin in an instant immaculate glow.  


Blanc Pur Couture is an anti dark spot makeup base that enhances uniformity of your complexion and protects it against UV and pollution. The formula is lightweight, moisturizing and instantly absorbing for a matte finish.


It features:

  • Glyco-Bright Complex & Peony -  that fight against dark spots and have antioxidant benefits;
  •  High UV Protection SPF 50  - that provide a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection;
  • Anti-Pollution Protection – that feature anti PM2.5 protection, complex of vitamins, amino-acids, trace-elements and glycans.


It promises brighter complexion, a rosy glow effect, skin darkness reduced, more even and more fresh skin tone, after 4 weeks of use.

It comes in two versions:


  • Clear Shade
  • BB Shade

Available from the begging of 2017.  #coutureglow

Yves Saint Laurent Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection SPF 50Yves Saint Laurent Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection SPF 50

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