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Shower gels are products that often are all the same. Well that's my opinion anyway. So I never spend time or money looking for the perfect ones. I only smell them and chose the ones my nose likes and then I invest in a really good body cream. But some weeks ago as I was shopping online for body care items, I stumbled with a funny one: Ziaja Kids Bath and Shower Gel Bubble Cola. Well, I thought that might be fun, and I was intrigued. So I bought it. It was cheap.

ziaja cola

When I got it I couldn't wait for the next shower to test it. And so I did. My immediate reaction as I lathered it on my skin: just started laughing. Oh I laughed so hard. It semed as if I was taking a shower in Coca Cola!

It was so silly and funny. So stupid too! I was so into it but as time passed it began to bother me and I couldn't wait to finish that bottle. As for hydration or any other properties, nothing to say but I have to mention that the formulation, basen on glycerin, does not cause irritation and contains delicate agents of vegetal origin. As for me, it just made me laugh.

ziaja cocoa butter

Next time I was shopping I decided to go with another shower gel by Ziaja. This time Cocoa Butter Creamy Shower Soap. And this was another level. First of all, it smells like cocoa and caramel, the smell itself is delicious, balanced, creamy, comfortable, yummy. I loved it. No laughs this time, but lots of pleasure. Then, this is not really a gel, but a cream and it is soft, foamy and rich. It gives a very pleasant experience and afterwards I could feel my skin very soft and moisturized. It contains cocoa butter, D-panthenol and delicate galenic cleaning agents. According to the brand it “delicately lubricates and visibly softens the skin. Intensely moisturises and prevents excessive water loss. Ph balanced, does not disturb the protective epidermis layer.” And that is what I felt. It does exactly what it says. No fun, but plenty of goodness.

So, was I now a shower gel person? Maybe... I decided I wanted to try another one: Ziaja Goat's Milk Creamy Shower Soap.

ziaja goats milk

This one I find to be as good as the Cocoa Butter one, but it has that familiar scent we tipically associate with Dove Soap Bar. It is so soft and fresh and powdery and yes, milky. It includes a goat's milk complex and provitamin B5 (D-panthenol) so it soothes, repairs and misturizes the skin. I have been using it and I must say I am now shopping for other Ziaja bath delight: Orange Butter Creamy Shower Soap. With this hot summer we are having I am expecting a shot of sweet citric energy! Stay tuned.

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My favorite thing about Ziaja products is that they are paraben-free! Cocoa butter and Orange butter lines smell divinely.

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