Close-Shavers Shaving Formula 31-O

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Kiehl’s Close-Shavers Shaving Formula 31-O is a dual-purpose shaving product. As a pre-shaver, it softens facial hair to help prevent razor burn. As a shaving cream, it is mostly beneficial for men with sensitive skin, who suffer from ingrown hairs and razor burns. Formulated with natural oils to help protect, comfort, and moisturize skin for a smooth, comfortable shave.


Wet face with warm water; massage a few drops into beard; top with shave cream; shave and rinse off. Use alone for a fast, easy and smooth shave. Wet face with warm water; massage a few drops onto facial hair; shave and rinse off.


Eucalyptus Extract / Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Spearming Leaf Oil

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