Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner

Brand: Shiseido

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Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner is inspired by Sumi ink used in Japanese calligraphy. This is a highly pigmented, water-resistant cream-to-gel eyeliner that goes on easily and stays put for 8 hours without creasing, blurring, skipping or smudging.

The eyeliner is presented in an exclusive Shiseido pot inspired by Japanese ink stones used for calligraphy. The specially designed pot features a slit to wipe off excess product from the brush. Includes a portable fine-tipped brush.

Available in six shades, inspired by Japanese landscapes: Shinrin Green, Empitsu Gray, Kuromitsu Brown, Kon-Al Blue, Shikkoku Black, and Nasubi Purple.

Production begin:

July 2017.


Take up some eyeliner on the brush; brush off any excess and shape the tip against the depression on the V-shaped protrusion.
Lay the brush flat against the lid and apply from the inner corner outward
Hold the brush up to fill in between the lashes.
Replace container cap securely after use and always wipe the tip of the brush with a tissue to keep it clean.

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