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benefit Cosmetics Unveils Fall Launches

Published: 2016-09-26 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Benefit Cosmetics’ brow collection and They’re Real! Franchise is expanding this fall! The famous beauty brand has just announced the launch of three new brow kits, and two brand new Big Sexy Kits for Eyes and Lips.

benefit cosmetics girl

Each of the three Brow Kits features a selection of products from benefit’s comprehensive brow collection, and comes with a sweet price tag of $34.00. These convenient brow kits for easy styling are available in three different options, each featuring a carefully curated range of products designed to help you achieve a desired brow look.


Benefit Soft & Natural Brows is a fool-proof kit for natural looking brows. The kit includes everything you need to fill, shape, and set your brows: a goof proof brow pencil, high brow pencil, ready set brow!, and shaping stencils. The kit is available in three color options: light, medium, and deep.


Benefit Defined & Refined Brows is a precision kit for expertly defined brows. The kit contains a full-sized full size precisely, my brow pencil, a full size high brow eyebrow highlighter pencil, a travel-sized BROWvo! conditioning primer, and brow mapping tool. Available in shades 02 light, 03 medium, and 06 deep.


Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows is a buildable-color kit for dramatic brows. It features two full size products – Ka-BROW! Eyebrow cream-gel color, and high brow eyebrow highlighter - a mini-sized ready, set, BROW! invisible shaping and setting gel for brows, and shaping stencils. The kit contains everything you need to fill, sculpt, and set your brows. Available in three colorways: Light, Medium, Deep.


October also sees the launch of They're Real! Kits for lips and eyes. They’re Real! Big sexy eye kit is designed to help you get bigger, sexier eyes using one of the three perfectly paired neutral eyeshadow duos. The eye kit features three long-wearing duo eyeshadows and a custom-made ShadowBlender brush.  

benefit model

The brush is designed to ensure a perfectly foolproof application: sweep the brush across eyeshadow pan, and then sweep it across the eyelid. Start from the inner corner of your eye, with a darker shade along the lash line… For a more defined look, apply with the deeper shade in the crease of the eyelid and the lighter shade along the lash line. The eyeshadows are available in beyond nude, naughty neutral, bombshell brown color harmonies. $36.00


They’re Real! BIG sexy lip kit combines four shades of the Beyond Sexy Lipstick & Liner in One, which is a new generation lip liner/ lipstick hybrid. The lip kit contains four mini-sized lipsticks that are cut in the teardrop shade, and then split into two different colors. These unusual lipsticks combine the contouring trend with ombre lip technique - the core shade fills in your lips, while the tip of the lipstick doubles as a lip liner.


Apply it normally, as you would any regular lipstick, and you’ll get nicely defined, contoured lip. They're real! Double The Lip BEYOND SEXY Lipstick & Liner is available in: flame game, pink thrills, revved-up red, and lusty rose. The kit retails at $29.00 - see it in action:

 Benefit's new launches are already available for purchase at Sephora!

benefit Soft & Natural Brows Brow Kitbenefit Soft & Natural Brows Brow Kit
benefit Defined & Refined Brows Brow Kitbenefit Defined & Refined Brows Brow Kit
benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Brow Kitbenefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Brow Kit
benefit They’re Real! Big sexy eye kitbenefit They’re Real! Big sexy eye kit
benefit They’re Real! BIG sexy lip kitbenefit They’re Real! BIG sexy lip kit

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