Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

Published: 2016-11-08 by Sanja Pekic in Makeup

In January 2017, Dior launches Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, a new and innovative cushion foundation from its famous Diorskin Forever line.  The liquid foundation of unique texture and light matte finish comes in a refillable compact case, providing the skin with freshness and sustainable opacity.




Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion combines the best of the Forever long lasting fluid foundation and nourishing benefits of a protective SPF 35 cushion. It features a triple action effect:

  • Activ-Mat-complex is a combination of mattifying and blurring powders which refract the light and blur the shadows. The skin shininess is reduced, the complexion is matte and bright, and the sublimating effect on the skin is long-lasting.
  • Color-Lock technology fixes the color correction and keeps a fresh complexion throughout the day. Even under extreme conditions of heat or humidity, the foundation stays up to 30h.
  • Poreless effect technology, already present in Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, provides a refined skin texture. The formula was enriched with a caring essence that makes the skin finer. Day after day, the complexion is said to be more sublime and magnified.


The easy-to-carry Cushion format of the foundation is ideal for touch-ups at any time of the day.


Dior also expands the range of Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, adding four new shades. The new halftones complete the category of neutral beiges, so now these is a shade for almost every complexion: 015, 025, 035 and 045.



The Dior Skin Routine consist of 5 steps:



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Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect CushionDior Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion
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