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Published: 2016-11-07 by Marina Milojević in Reviews

Vichy Slow Age

The product I’ve been testing out for the last couple of weeks is the latest skincare innovation from Vichy, called "Vichy Slow Age". The product hasn’t been released in the USA yet, but it is slowly rolling out across multiple markets, since September 2016.

Vichy Slow Age bottle

Vichy’s new product is a multi-tasking daily cream inspired by the latest studies in exposure science (exposome), and the philosophy of slow living. The exposome, which is defined as the totality of environmental exposures over the life course, play a fundamental role in human aging and the development of diseases. Time leaves its mark on our skin, and our fast-paced lives, poor diet, bad lifestyle habits, environmental pollution, and sun-induced damage can accelerate the aging process. Little by little, skin damage invisible to the naked eye results in a weakened skin barrier, loss of hydration, and accumulated oxidative damage.

Vichy Slow Age bottles

Aging is inevitable, and skin changes are the most outstanding evidence of this natural process. With age, the skin suffers natural wear-and-tear, just like the rest of our body. The fast-paced, commodity–focused living has advanced our lives in certain ways, but then it holds us back in many others – including our looks. People all over the world are realizing that faster doesn’t always mean better, so we’re witnessing the growing trend of slow movements, which are all about savoring the hours and minutes, and seeking to do everything at the right speed. Embracing the same concept, Vichy asks if there is something we could do to slow down the rate of aging. The answer lies in its new product – Vichy Slow Age.

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Vichy Slow Age is the first face care product formulated to slow down apparition of silent aging signs by correcting them from their formation. The Slow Age lotion is a product of 9 years of research into the invisible signs of aging that accumulate under the effects of environment, stress, fatigue, and lifestyle. Aging signs are, actually, in formation long before we can notice them, and Slow Age targets them exactly in this phase, thus allowing us to visibly change the predictive course of skin’s aging.

The core ingredient of the new formula is a Baïcalin root extract, sourced from an extraordinary plant that grows only in China, in the harsh conditions of the Shaanxi area. This flowering plant draws its strength from its roots to withstand both excessive exposure to sun-induced damage and excessive cold. In China, Baïcalin roots, which have been used in traditional medicine for more than 2000 years, are known as golden roots.


The protective powers of Baïcalin have been fortified with strengthening probiotic-derived Bifidus and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, rich in 15 skin-loving minerals. Bifidus, which is obtained by fermentation of good bacteria, reinforces the skin’s protective barrier and decreases its sensitivity, as it helps it to increase its strength. In combination with Baïcalin and other ingredients, it acts on all, visible and invisible signs of aging, from lines to wrinkles, from skin discolorations to dark spots, and from lack of volume to loss of resilience. 

This pinky-colored cream is housed in an opaque glass bottle that comes with a pump dispenser. The luxurious packaging protects the ingredients from sunlight, while a pump dispenser system keeps the air-sensitive ingredients stable. The formula itself is not your classic daily cream, but rather a feather-light, creamy emulsion that truly sinks into your skin and provides an immediate hydration boost. The soft, pink shade of the cream is actually due to the inclusion of pigments, whose role is to re-awaken the skin’s natural radiance for a fresh and even complexion. A look at the ingredients list reveals that Vichy Slow Age includes mainly sunscreens and Bifidus, while Baïcalin roots extract appears at the end of the list, meaning that it’s present in very low concentration.

Nevertheless, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Vichy Slow age to anyone who’s looking for a lightweight, daily moisturizer that leaves a nice, semi-matte finish, without any greasy residue. After using it for three weeks I can see some significant improvements in the general state of my skin, which looks much fresher, brighter, and plumper. The cream is fortified with SPF25, which, knowing that the sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin aging, provides some serious anti-aging action. As dermatologists agree, wearing sunscreen all year round is something that can make you look younger, for longer. So, incorporating a broad-spectrum sunscreen into a moisturizing, anti-aging emulsion is a great idea that should become a healthy part of your daily routine. Vichy Slow Age is presented in a 50ml bottle. In Europe it retails at € 26.07 or £ 25,15.


Photos & press materials courtesy of Vichy Srbija & Executive Group

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