Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Gel Review

Published: 2016-05-30 by Miguel Matos in Reviews

Author: Miguel Matos

On my quest to get rid of a small circle of fat around my waist and in my belly, I sometimes buy gels and creams that promise to burn that thing off. I have tried some and had a good experience with a slimming gel from Collistar, but until now all the other products I tried included cayenne pepper and other aggressive agents that burn my skin instead of the fat inside.


This year I decided to try something from Docteur Renaud, a french brand that focuses on natural ingredients. The brand sent me the Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel. Grapefruit is said to have slimming, detoxifying and micro-draining properties. And I saw that there were no peppers in the formula so I decided to give it a go. It smelled wonderful, that's one thing I noticed when I opened it.





What this product has and what are the promises:

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil
    Micro-draining properties
  • Encapsulated Caffeine and Orange Extracts
    Target and favor the elimination of fats
  • Cc-Lcarnitine
    Facilitate the destocking of fatsf
  • Sacred Lotus Extract
    Favours the lipolyse and limits the stocking of fats
  • Macadamia and Soft Almond Oils
    Nourishing, soothing, restructuring and hydrating

I have been using this Gel-Cream for about a month, every morning and before going to sleep. First of all it's a pleasure to rub it in, such a silky rich texture and an uplifting fresh citrusy smell with sweet and bitter notes mixing in energy and positive vibes. This is a very pleasurable experience. A couple of minutes after aplication, there comes an interesting sensation. It tingles a bit and the area starts to feel frozen. There is an intensive freshness that is very nice, especially in a hot day. It brings energy but it also works the muscles. Because on this frozen sensation, the abdominal muscles instinctively contract, and there is an instant cosmetic effect that comes from this contraction.

With time and regular use I started to notice that my skin got increasingly moisturized and firm. In fact I don't believe that a simple cream can slim you down. I don't believe that it burns fat. But I do beliene it can tighten your skin and also make it appear more firm. It can also create a sensation of hot or cold that makes your muscles contract. This muscle workout and the increased firmness of the skin gives the illusion of being slimmer on the belly and around the waist. And as long as you use the cream you will notice a small difference. I know I do. You just can't stop using the product for it goes all back to the shape it was before.

I like the Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel. I like it because of the sensorial experience, because of the fragrance and because I can see more firmess around the areas I would like to be slimmer. And it is not a crazy cream that can cause you an eruption. So try it and tell me what your experience is.

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