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When it comes to skin cleansers, my honest opinion is: the simpler the better. I mean I don't believe that something that is only going to stay on my skin for 30 seconds, and then is washed out, can dramatically enhance it. A face cleanser should do exactly that: clean. But there are lots of products and in fact some of them I find to be agressive, ending up drying the skin. Some of them hurt my eyes if they get in contact. So what I was looking for was a simple product that could wash without being harsh and that's it. But when I bought Green Pharmacy's Gentle Facial Wash Gel with sage, I got so much more!


Green Pharmacy is a Polish brand that creates products based on herbs as active ingredients. Their formulations are simple and made to please even the most sensitive of skins. “Thanks to their herbal composition, our products smell sweet and care for your skin with natural tenderness”, they say. They also don't hurt your wallet either, for they are extremely cheap.

This Gentle Facial Wash Gel does everything it says on the bottle: “gently cleanses and removes impurities, does not affect the natural protective barrier of the skin, soothes irritations. Enriched with sage extract, allantoin and panthenol. The gel leaves a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and freshness”. I sign underneath! But they forgot to say that it also smells wondefully fresh, herbal and floral.

What I feel with this product (especially after a terrible experience with an Avon facial wash I was using before) is first of all, pleasure in application, because of the soft foam and pleasant smell. Then, my skin does not dry out after using it. If I stay some time without wearing moisturizer I still feel comfortable and not dry. It also heals minor rashes or blemishes, and even prevents them. All of this while being incredibly gentle. So this is more that what I was asking for in a washing gel.


Sage is really what makes the difference here. Since ancient times, sage is known as an aromatic herb with healing and antibacterial properties. Sage has antioxidants that help fight free radicals on the skin, reversing the ageing process and avoiding wrinkles. Sage also has calcium and vitamin A which promotes cell regeneration. It can balance oily skin and prevent acne, due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can help in eczema and psoriasis problems.

Having said that, I am on to buying some more products from Green Pharmacy, in the hopes of finding other favorites in this Polish brand.

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Green Pharmacy Gentle Facial Wash Gel - Sage

Green Pharmacy Gentle Facial Wash Gel - Sage



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