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Published: 2015-10-19 by Marina Milojević in Makeup

Illamasqua has just released a new makeup collection named Equinox. Equinox is a term that refers to an astronomical event in which the plane of Earth's equator passes the center of the Sun. As the famous makeup brand explains, Equinox symbolizes a desert at night, consumed by the starry skies and the constellations of the universe. The deep, nocturnal theme resonates through the shimmering textures and dark pigments. The dazzling and mysterious glow of the stars is enlivened in sparkling shades of broken golds and glistening oysters, while the burnished hues evoke the endless canopy of nocturnal sky.


Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director, describes the collection like this: “Equinox is a desert princess. A luminous, nomadic beauty adorned in resplendent broken golds, lustrous pigments, deep burnished hues and sparkling accents, which are inspired by the depth and mystery of the deserts endless canopy of stars.”

The mystic new Equinox Collection is a rather small range that includes a gold liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette, a metallic creamy eyeshadow, a rich red lipstick, a trio of pearlescent metallic nail polishes and a pair of false eyelashes. The range is complemented with two Mini Brush Sets, three shades of Pure Pigment, and Illamasqua’s recently introduced Radiance Veil.


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Illamasqua Celestial Palette combines four richly pigmented cram to powder eye shadows designed to give a strong color payoff. The formula features a high concentration of pearl pigments, and it is specifically designed to allow easy and quick blending. $48.00


  • Quell - champagne shimmer
  • Solace - burnished industrial gray
  • Jubilance - polished, warm copper
  • Orb - iridescent barely black

Illamasqua Broken Gold Eyeliner in Gold Leaf Gel is a luxurious liquid gel formulated to create a decadent, metallic layer over the eyes. The liquid gold-like formula can be worn on its own, or over eyeshadow for a sparking, long lasting shattered effect. $26.00


Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick arrives in a shade named Vega. This rich, bold hue is described as a deep claret red, an intense burgundy shade. The lipstick is infused with Vitamin E, which contributes to its smoothness and long-lasting satin finish. $26.00


Illamasqua Vintage Metallix eyeshadow in Galaxy is a cream-gel eyeshadow in a captivating shade of antique gold. The formula is smudge resistant, long-wearing and comfortable. It can be applied using fingers or an Illamasqua brush 26.00


Illamasqua False Eye Lashes No. 27 are handmade reusable, cruelty-free lashes for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. $17.00


Illamasqua Nail Varnish arrives in three shades, each priced at $18.00:


  • Beam – pearlized gold shimmer (NEW)
  • Facet – grey crystal
  • Phallic – deep midnight blue with shimmer finish

Illamasqua Pure Pigment, a versatile high-shine, pure-color powder for eyes, cheeks and brows, complements the collection in three shades, each priced at $26.00:


  • Ore – rich russet bronze
  • Android – shimmering charcoal black
  • Furore – champagne peach shimmer

Illamasqua Radiance Veil is an illuminating primer that enhances makeup wear, nourishes skin with Vitamin C, moisturizes, and creates a luminous effect. $45.00


Illamasqua Mini Brush Set in Silver and Black is a make-up bag and a mini brush set loaded with miniature versions of our Angled, Concealer, Highlighter, Eye Shadow and Lip brushes. $95.46


Illamasqua Pure PigmentIllamasqua Pure Pigment
Illamasqua Nail VarnishIllamasqua Nail Varnish
Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream EyeshadowsIllamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream Eyeshadows
Illamasqua Radiance VeilIllamasqua Radiance Veil
Illamasqua Celestial PaletteIllamasqua Celestial Palette
Illamasqua Broken Gold in Gold Leaf Gel Illamasqua Broken Gold in Gold Leaf Gel
Illamasqua Glamore LipstickIllamasqua Glamore Lipstick
Illamasqua False Eye Lashes No. 27Illamasqua False Eye Lashes No. 27
Illamasqua Mini Brush SetIllamasqua Mini Brush Set

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