SEPHORA COLLECTION Rose Face Mask - Temporary Miracle!

Published: 2017-03-18 by Miguel Matos in Reviews

Face masks are now all the rage everywhere and they appear and explode everywhere in social networks. Everybody seems to be in awe with something that has been here for ages. But hey that's how the hype works. And while most people are crazy about a certain black peel-off mask, I am in love with something a bit more simple but superbly effective: Sephora's Rose Face Mask.


When I saw this at the local Sephora shop I decided I wanted to try it since it costs less that 5 euros and I was in the mood for testing it anyway, while I was not very convinced that it would do anything for my less than perfect skin. While I don't have many wrinkles or dehydration, I struggle with melasma, a skin condition that creates dark spots. And I have lots of it, especially on my forehead. Nothing works in an effective and long-lasting way. Sun is my worst enemy and even the strongest of treatments in cream only attenuate a bit the problem. So I went home with one of these.

"Mask enriched with natural rose extract. Plumps skin with water intense moisturizing. Gives an immediate radiance boost. For plumper, fresher and brighter skin.

rose face mask

My experience: it is absolutely refreshing and pleasurable to wear this mask inspired by Asian beauty rituals. It smells heavenly and it's easy to use. You just take in out of the package and unfold the tissue. Then you apply the mask on your face and leave it for 15 minutes on your previously cleansed skin. You can help absorption by gently massaging over the tissue. Then you just take it off and you don't rinse it.



And Ta-dah! I couldn't believe it. Beyond moisturized, my skin had changed in appearance. It looked healthier but most of all, bright. The dark spots looked much more whitened, the skin looked even. I was really surprised since I had never seen such a quick and visible effect with a product like this and at this price. Of course that it lasts a couple of hours and after that, the spots return to their original shape and tone. But this is an excellent way to improve your skin before an important event when you need to feel more beautiful.

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