Clarins ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster

Published: 2017-02-06 by Marina Milojević in Skin Care


Self-tanning for men? Is that even considered acceptable? Well, the answer is a simple one: if you want to improve your looks and get that masculine, bronzed glow, then YES, you should definitely self-tan. There's nothing bad about taking care of your skin. Safer, faster and more affordable than ever, faking the tan has become the way to get bronzed. With this in mind, Clarins extends its range of Boosters to include the Tanning Booster for men, a product that could, hopefully, stop guys from stealing their girlfriends’ skincare products!


The brand new product, launching March 2017, named ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster, promises to help you look like just came back from holiday, every day, all year long. This is the first ClarinsMen self-tanner designed to work with any facial moisturizer. The energizing, invigorating formula is composed of no less than 99.8% of natural ingredients, including energizing Sweet Grass, refreshing and moisturizing Aloe Vera, and calming Gymnema Sylvestre, also known as Miracle Fruit. The tanning complex is made of optimal concentrations of DHA and Erythrulose, offering a natural finish that adapts to all skin tones and can be intensified as desired.


A super-simple application is specifically tailored to the needs of men. The Tanning Boster is used the same way as any other Clarins Booster – a couple of drops of the serum combined with your regular moisturizing product is all it takes to get that sexy bronzed complexion. Initially, you’ll need about 3 drops of the booster to rekindle the glow. Just before reaching your desired tan, reduce the dosage to 2 drops, and then maintain the look with just one drop daily.


To get the best results, exfoliate your skin with the Exfoliating Cleanser before application of the Booster. This will eliminate dead skin cells and promote an even, luminous tan. Don’t forget to gently wipe your beard and eyebrows with a tissue and wash your hands after each application! Proven effective 12 hours after application.


The ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster is already available in certain European countries, where it retails at 26.50 € for a 15ml bottle.

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Clarins ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster

Clarins ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster



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