Vita Liberata The Sensual Tan of Oils Comes With Safety Too

Published: 2016-04-24 by Miguel Matos in Bath & body


By Miguel Matos

Last week at the Global Art of Perfumery expo in Dusseldorf I had the opportunity of trying some cosmetics brands and ont thing that I love, as a light skin guy, is a good self-tanning product. But there are a lot of them available and most of them smell bad, are hard to control and don't have sun protection. This changes with Vita Liberata, one of the best brands for self-tanning products. Vita Liberata is launching Marula, a self-tanning oil that not only smells amazing, but it also gradually gives a tan to the skin. It also has an incorporated stain and a very subtle glitter that gives the skin an instant healthy colour and glow.


I tested it on my skin and it does exactly what it primises to do. My skin was instantly golden, but not in an exxagerated way. The smell is nice and soft. Most self-tanning products have a terrible smell and the added fragrance does not improve it. It also comes in an oil texture that leaves skin well moisturized but with a dry finish. I do not know the power of the self-tanning function since I would have to apply it everyday since it is a progressive tan.

The most extraordinary thing is that, desides all of the above features, Marula also has a high sun protection factor. It's not often that we see an oil coming with SPF 50 UVA and UVB, even though we see that brands are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of this feature. Even at the supermarket we are witnessing the arrival of SPF oils.

In this Vita Liberata product we have Marula oil, Neroli oil and Monoï, ingredients that are proven to have anti-ageing properties, also providing hydration, firmness and nutrition. A cucumber extract brings the power to brighten the skin.

“The world's only self tan with with SPF 50 broad spectrum protection.This luxurious self tanning dry oil applies with a subtle tint for an instant colour boost and no missed spots. Gives a gradual tan for up to 10 days with buildable colour so you can choose your perfect tan shade. Unique macro molecule chemical SPF won’t penetrate the skin layers while anti age extracts repair and nourish skin”. - Vita Liberata Press Release

Marula costs 39.95 (100ml) and it is available only at Sephora stores.

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Vita Liberata Marula SPF50 Self-Tanning Oil



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