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"I want to make women feel empowered, to feel sexy and confident. This makeup collection does that. I love to make women feel like the best version of themselves."– Victoria Beckham


As previously announced, Victoria Beckham launches Estée Lauder limited edition makeup collection that hit the stores in September and October 2016. The collection is divided in three categories: face, eyes and lips. #VBxEsteeLauder


Morning Aura Illuminating Creme –It is part moisturizer, part brightening primer that ensures beautiful skin. It contains micro-pearls to instantly illuminate and brighten, giving a fresh morning glow to the skin.


Highlighter in Modern Mercury – This is the previous edition Estée Lauder hightlighter back in the new collection, as it is a favorite of Victoria. It creates the sexy sweaty skin look, best applied on cheekbones.

Bronzer in Java Sun - The matte bronzer is in the perfect natural shade. It can be used all over for a sun-kissed look or worn as a contouring product.



Eye Ink in Black Myrrh - The pressed gel-cream formula is an innovation in eye-shadow and can be used dry or wet for an intense finish.

Eye Metals Eye-Shadow – The high-shine eye-shadows deliver a precious metal finish with densely pigmented color.

Available in:

  • Bitter Clove – a strong, blonde gold
  • Charred Emerald – an intense, metallic blackened green

Eye Foils - The liquid eye foils deliver intense vinyl-like shine even after they’ve dried. Sparkling pearl pigments add flecks of blonde gold or silver in this liquid metal-effect formula.

Available in:

  • Burnt Anise – a strong, rich, charcoal shine
  • Blonde Gold – a strong, blonde gold shine

Eye Palette – Includes shades of rich sapphire, gold-hued nude, metallic honey, sophisticated sage, concrete grey and shimmery copper. These six powder eye-shadow shades can be applied wet or dry. This palette contains:

  • Fired Sapphire – a shocking metallic blue
  • Blonde Cumin – a soft, gold-hued nude
  • Metal Saffron – a warm, golden metallic honey
  • Burnished Sage – a burnt metallic intense green
  • Grey Amber – a smoky charcoal grey
  • Black Nutmeg – a shimmery copper

Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille - This is a double-ended pencil that delivers an exceptionally soft and creamy texture. A potent black pencil (Black Saffron) and eye-opening nude (Vanille) create a sexy, smudged and edgy look.



Lipstick – Available in Two shades for two very different looks. Available in:

  • Brazilian Nude – soft and natural
  • Chilean Sunset – bold and bright

Lip Pencil in Victoria – This is Victoria’s signature nude-matte pencil. This formula includes creamy color with the staying power of a traditional lip pencil.

Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat - This is a warm, nude lip gloss, offering high shine for a polished look. Its smells like Estée Lauder’s signature fig scent.

The make-up looks are dedicated to and inspired by Victoria’s favorite cities: London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

London - “I fell in love in London. The city is my heart and soul, always inspiring. The perfect blend of culture and edge, London is just cool.”


The London look, edgy yet beautifully feminine at the same time, features intense black eyes marked with liner,  oil-slick shadow, flecks of gold and nude polished lips.

New York - “Modern, cool, sophisticated. I am inspired by the fast pace of New York, the energy on the streets and the sensory overload. The way the light gleams off glass, concrete and steel.”


 The New York look includes a sapphire eye, luminous skin contrasted by matte bronze, with the nudest glossy lip.

Los Angeles - “I love the incredible light, spirit and energy of L.A. Luxuriate in the warm sensual glow.”


The LA look is youthful and laid-back, perfectly sun-kissed with nude lined eyes and fresh glossy lips.

Paris - “I love the allure of Paris. The sophisticated style on the street is contagious. Drench yourself in French style and lose yourself in Parisian chic.”


Lips are matte in sunset, eyes are dramatically lined in charred emerald and edged in charcoal foil for the Parisian look.

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder limited edition makeup collection will be available at Estée Lauder Travel Retail locations worldwide beginning October 2016.

Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating CremeEstée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Creme
Estée Lauder Highlighter - Modern MercuryEstée Lauder Highlighter - Modern Mercury
Estée Lauder Bronzer - Java SunEstée Lauder Bronzer - Java Sun
Estée Lauder Eye Ink - Black MyrrhEstée Lauder Eye Ink - Black Myrrh
Estée Lauder Eye Metals Eye-ShadowEstée Lauder Eye Metals Eye-Shadow
Estée Lauder Eye FoilsEstée Lauder Eye Foils
Estée Lauder Eye PaletteEstée Lauder Eye Palette
Estée Lauder Eye Kajal Duo - Black Saffron/VanilleEstée Lauder Eye Kajal Duo - Black Saffron/Vanille
Estée Lauder LipstickEstée Lauder Lipstick
Estée Lauder Lip Pencil - VictoriaEstée Lauder Lip Pencil - Victoria
Estée Lauder Lip Gloss - Moroccan HeatEstée Lauder Lip Gloss - Moroccan Heat

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